Huntington Beach Bay Village OH

Selected Writings

November 7, 2023

** Plasma Day

Cloud of energy
Light flashing, pulsating
Moment of creation
All encompassing
New order in the void
This moment in time
Instant present and
then gone
The sound of creation
Inspires solitary reflection
The cascade of dissonant breaths
And then silence

** Waves

Now I know
I'm not cut out for
the structure
of an office

I stand on the bank
and look out at the waves
I love the wind
I remember sailing

How my little craft cut through
the waves
planing up and then down
I love the wind and the waves
The gulls soaring soundlessly

Trim the boom
Lean over the gunnel
Come about and run again
I love the sound
The stillness

Wind in my face
The wind makes my eyes tear
And then tacking
Making my way upwind
Alone with the spray

And the wind rises
Far from shore
Am I lost?
My skills are tested

Maybe I'm lost
Watery oblivion
Drifting with the current